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Join Us To Help More Families In Need Now

Alone We Can Do So Little,Together We Can Do So Much!  

  • Everyone should have access to the most basic need - fresh food. However, over x% of rural families in Sabah are still struggling without it. 

  • Food insecurity is only rising as more and more families are falling into poverty and are unable to feed themselves, especially if they are unable to farm. 

  • Hopes Farm was established to improve the food security of Sabah’s rural community by growing a variety of local crops to serve as food aid.  

  • Crops are sustainably grown by specialised Hopes Malaysia village farmers and harvested consistently to be distributed to those in need.

  • Your donations are used to feed the hungry and keep the farm running in the long-term with quality crops. 

  • By supporting Hopes Farm, you are ensuring the mothers, children and vulnerable groups have access to fresh food and better health. 

  • Uniting the rural community in helping one another, Hopes Farm also serves as a place to learn more on Sustainable Farming and experience village life – unique to Sabah. 


  • Your help will bring much needed Hope to families struggling to survive each day.

How Can You Help?

Make A Donation

Each donation supports Hopes Farm in providing rural families with the basic need of fresh food regularly. 

CSR Activity

An opportunity for employees to learn new knowledge and skills to improve job performance, improve general well-being, and to build stronger teamwork. 

CSR Sponsorship

Collaborate with us to create an even deeper, lasting impact for families via sustainable farming. 

About Us - Hopes Malaysia has been working to empower and uplift rural Sabah communities since 2016 via sustainable community development projects. With over 6 years of experience in the area, our CSO has made a meaningful difference in the lives of more than 10,000 in rural communities from over 12 villages in Kota Belud, Sabah. From basic needs to sustainable living, all aiming to break the cycle of poverty.

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