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Melangkap bridge project execution


Rural Challenges -1

Widespread poverty in rural Sabah has resulted in many daily life challenges not just for village families, but also for their young children. This is worsened for the villagers and children staying in the 74 isolated and neglected rural communities in Kadamaian, Kota Belud. For years, poor rural infrastructure (suspension bridges) has been a concern for families, especially when their children rely on these bridges every day.

Throughout Sabah, young students risk their lives to cross over dangerous rocks, rivers and valleys using old, rotten suspension bridges to reach school. Some even have to carefully cross water pipes or hike for hours just to receive an education. Families and their children become afraid of getting hurt or worse by crossing these poor bridges, leading to students leaving school. Rural villagers also rely on using them to travel for their livelihoods – as these bridges may be the only way across. 

The Challenges for Rural Children and Villagers

Results With Hopes Malaysia’s Rural Bridge Rebuilding Projects  

What we can do - 1
  • Three suspension bridges have been rebuilt, providing daily ease and safety to over 2,250 villagers and children in rural communities.

  • Rural communities are empowered with the skills and knowledge to repair and maintain suspension bridges for the long-term future.

  • Children are able to stay in school and safely receive an education, studying for a better, sustainable future for their families.

  • Villagers, especially our project farmers, are able to utilise travelling the safe bridges to better earn for their families via sustainable livelihoods.

  • To ensure lasting meaningful impact, we always thoroughly assess each community’s needs and state of rural infrastructure before committing to any repairment projects.

  • Suspension bridges are upgraded and repaired with quality materials to ensure long-term safety for students and villagers.

  • Students and villagers do not need to hike through dangerous, timely routes when travelling to school or other parts of their villages.