In order to reach out to more marginalised Sabah communities and make a lasting impact on those that are in need, we require the essential: financial support. With this, we are able to continue our initiatives by purchasing the materials and tools necessary to encourage rural village families to build farms for food security and become self-sustainable. By encouraging communities to be self-sustainable, families are better prepared for food crises and pandemics, also reducing the dependency on short-term external aid, such as food baskets. Families are also healthier due to better nutrition intake in their diets from their diverse homegrown crops, fish and chicken,  which are fundamental for growth especially in children. Our projects empower villagers and create further income opportunities to improve their livelihoods. 

Everything starts with connecting these communities with a proper, sustainable water source. Without this basic need, families are unable to improve their standard of living. Once water is available, only then can we start purchasing and delivering farming materials to these remote sites. Seedlings, fish and chicken are essential in kick starting the rural families’ farming journeys, while vermicomposting is much needed to provide nutrients to the farmland. These processes are impactful in providing rural families food security, but cannot be a success without enough financial support.

Since 2016, our impactful projects have created long-term change within the rural Kota Belud community. Our Gravity Water Project connected over 8,000 beneficiaries from 7 remote villagers. They are now able to use a clean and reliable water source for their daily needs. Additionally from 2020 - 2021, our Farming for Food Security Project created food self-sufficiency (zero hunger) for more than 80 rural families. By growing up to 17 types of diverse local crops and rearing 2,500 fish and 100 chickens, families were able to have reliable food sources and better diets to get through the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Extra harvests were also sold to the city market via our deliveries, increasing household income by 40 - 53% with a payout of over RM75,000 to the farmers. Through the rural communities’ efforts and with enough financial support, we hope to deepen our social impact as there are more families joining our Farming for Food Security project. Ultimately, our aim is to reduce long-term poverty issues within the rural community and break the cycle of poverty for future generations.


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