Have you ever lived “cara kampung”? Walking on dirt trails, poorly connected to the internet,  no clean water and having little food. Now imagine that being your whole life! In Hopes Malaysia, we believe in fully understanding and sustainably fulfilling the rural Sabah community’s basic needs to improve their quality of life in the long-term. Gifting aid to provide a short-term fix to their needs is NEVER OUR SOLUTION.The rural community is underserved, leading to generations being stuck in a life-threatening poverty cycle. Issues stem from their remote, scattered locations, underdeveloped transport and infrastructure and low economic activities. Most rural villagers are poorly connected, lowly educated with no edge over urbanites. While some venture to work in urban areas, the high cost of living in cities brings very little savings for their families.

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This is only worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic after suffering job loss.Hopes start by understanding the rural community’s daily needs to address the root issues. We work closely with communities as it is crucial in sustainably reaching a long-term development goal. We help them resolve their lack of basic needs and guide them through feasible projects. Results come directly from the community’s efforts. Short-term help may seem great at first, but will not leave a lasting impact. We believe in ensuring our villagers take ownership and full responsibility over projects. Instead of just providing a quick fix, we work with the community to upkeep their new assets so  they can keep reaping the benefits for the long-term future. This strengthens the villagers' commitment to keep improving. We improve the villagers’ long-term survivability via gravity water systems and farming, all within their land, empowering them to utilize their surroundings. This reduces their struggles and allows for further economic activities, empowering them to their full potential.

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Although creating long-term change is timely, we've been able to see the sustainable long-term impact it has had on the village families. Even after we complete projects, we stay on and monitor to ensure real change is made. We aim to deepen our impact and empower more within the community before moving on to another. This is to ensure our beneficiaries are self-sustainable in their need for clean water + food security + increased household income.