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Rural Challenges -1

Families in rural Kota Belud, Sabah have been struggling to survive and provide a better future for their children. Daily life for villagers in the 74 remote and neglected rural communities in the Kadamaian area of Kota Belud is only becoming harder due to worsening challenges stemming from increasing poverty. The rising cost of living and pandemic hardships have resulted in many families and their children just barely surviving each day.

Throughout these isolated villages, women and farmers are not able to progress and reach their full potential for their families resulting from the lack of means for sustainable rural living. Their children are greatly affected and face more difficulties in having a brighter future. Without the basic needs, skills and knowledge to improve their livelihoods, families continue to live unsustainably in underdeveloped communities, continuing to be stuck in the cycle of poverty for generations.

The Challenges for Rural Families

Results With Hopes Malaysia’s Sustainable Living Empowerment

What we can do - 1
  • The basic needs of rural communities are not only fulfilled, but villagers are also empowered with the skills, knowledge, tools and understanding for self-sufficient, sustainable living.

  • Over 250 farmers have been empowered in sustainable farming via our frequent rural community farming workshops, leading to increased food security and environmental protection.

  • More than 15 rural single mothers and housewives are now skilled in both farming and Business, becoming independent #Womenpreneurs as part of our sustainable women empowerment program.

  • Project farmers and rural entrepreneurs are empowered to utilise digital channels, such as WhatsApp and social media, to better market their goods in the local community.

  • Project participants can sell their excess produce and homemade products at our local community stall, Gerai Tamu Kita, consistently earning additional income for their families while also providing food security to the Kota Belud community.

  • Run daily by our #Womenpreneurs since January 2022, the stall has allowed our project farmers to earn excess of RM 7,000 monthly due to consistent high demand of their goods.

  • With families’ improved socioeconomy, children are able to eat healthily (development) and steadily continue their education, working to break the cycle of poverty for their families.

  • Our Sustainable Living Empowerment Program has brought proven long-term impact; significantly improving the standard of living and household economies in rural communities, and is readily expandable to include more beneficiaries in need.

What You Can Do To Help?

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Donate now - 1

With the global economy becoming more challenging, daily life throughout rural Sabah communities will only continue to become tougher. This is especially concerning for the countless vulnerable families across the 74 poverty-stricken villages in Kota Belud. Unsustainable living will cause rural families to fall behind even more.

Your support will provide rural communities with the materials and empowerment, such as community workshops and training, for impactful sustainable livelihoods. These program elements require essential funds in ensuring that families are able to efficiently earn money and improve their livelihoods for the long-term future.

Placing an immediate one-time or recurring donation will bring lasting sustainable impact to rural communities. Without your support to tackle the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, these underprivileged families and children will continue to face endless burdens and never escape the cycle of rural poverty for generations.

About Hopes Malaysia

Hopes Malaysia has been working to empower and uplift rural Sabah communities since 2016 via sustainable community development projects. With over 6 years of experience in the area, our CSO has made a meaningful difference in the lives of more than 10,000 in rural communities from over 12 villages in Kota Belud, Sabah. From basic needs to sustainable living, all aiming to break the cycle of poverty.

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