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Specialize in Vermicomposting

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- Worm bedding is essential for healthy worms and quality vermicompost
- TK Worm Shop worm bedding is made using a highly nutritious mixture of both green and brown organic compost
- 100% natural food waste and soil, formulated for healthy African Nightcrawler worms diet, fast and high-quality vermicompost
- Extremely suitable for topping up soil / food after harvesting vermicompost at home

NOTE: This product only contains worm bedding (soil & composted food) 2kg per pack. For purchase of ANC worms, please
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- Reduces food waste at home with your worm farm
- Recycles organic waste such as fruit peels and raw vegetables
- Easily self-produce quality vermicompost fertiliser
- 100% safe for kids, fun & educational experience for the family

Q1: Can I immediately add worm bedding to my worm container?

A: Yes, you can immediately add the package as it is ready to use. It is recommended to top up soil after harvesting vermicompost.


Q2: Are there any measurements for usage?

A: Ensure that worm soil is at least always 2 – 3 inches deep. Add accordingly to ratio of worm amount / container size. More bedding than worm amount may cause slower production of vermicompost.


Q3: Do I need to keep the bedding moist?

A: Yes. Do not let bedding become too dry as this will affect the worms and cause them to escape / die. Spray non-chlorine water (especially on top layer) when needed and mix soil.


Q4: Can I add my own soil & food to the bedding?

A: Yes, you may add or mix in your own natural soil & food to the bedding. Just be sure not to overfeed worms.

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