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Specialize in Vermicomposting

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- 100g African Nightcrawler worms
- Worm bedding
- 1kg vermicompost trial pack

TK Worm Shop is not responsible for any loss that may occur during postage. Transit times / courier handling may be unpredictable and cause damage to worms / vermicompost. By placing an order, the buyer agrees to bear the risks and outcome of the received product.

Order from West Malaysia and Sarawak, please PM us via Shopee or WHATSAPP us before you place your order.

- Once your order is placed, we will ship out within 7 days working days, excluding weekend and public holiday. You may track your order online and contact Shopee for tracking assistance.
- Worms will be secured with enough soil & food (bedding) in cloth before packaging.
- 1kg vermicompost will be packed it its own plastic.
- Immediately remove cloth and place worms into a container once received.

Q1: Can I start vermiculture at home with this set?
A: Yes, this combo set allows anyone to start and try vermiculture at home through a small worm farm. Add worms and bedding into a container and you are ready to go!

Q2. Is the vermicompost pack for the worms?
A: No. Vermicompost fertiliser is the final product of the worms and should be applied directly on plants. You will be able to harvest more vermicompost from your combo set in the future.

Q3. Can I purchase worms / bedding / vermicompost individually?
A. Yes, TK Worm Shop sells each item in larger quantities. Please browse our store for each item’s page to purchase.

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