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Corporate Team Building Program with Sustainable CSR-Driven Focus

What We Offer?

  • Embark on a day or overnight excursion (with a host), engaging in team-building and outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and farm visits. Our program also integrates community contribution through meaningful tasks like farming and construction work. 


  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of local communities, exploring the diversity of their food, music, and crafts.

  • Experience firsthand the impact of your organisation's CSR contributions in our ongoing projects and strengthen your connection with the rural communities you've supported.

Your participation will also contribute to the sustainability of rural communities


Gravity Water Access

Since 2016, we have been facilitating the connection of rural villages to gravity water supply, an ongoing initiative in Kota Belud to address the water needs of communities that lack public water access.

Our efforts have expanded to cover more than 15 rural villages (benefitting over 10,000 villagers), actively assisting these communities in resolving longstanding water issues.

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Sustainable Farming

In addition to providing stable water supplies, we persist in imparting sustainable farming skills to families - an ongoing initiative to empower them in achieving self-sufficiency in food production and overcome rural food insecurity.

Surplus harvests can be sold within their community, contributing to an increase in household income.

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Rural Bridge Repair

Periodically, we extend assistance to rural communities and schools by repairing their deteriorating bridges. This involves replacing old broken wooden planks and fixing wire meshes to ensure a safer crossing path for students and villagers.

To date, we have successfully rebuilt 4 suspension bridges, providing daily ease and safety to over 2,500 villagers and children in rural communities.

Children's Storybook

Rural Education

In April 2024, we are also collaborating with Taylor's University as part of 'Projek BacaBaca' to empower 25 rural young children (6 to 12 years old), with basic reading skills to boost their academic performance.

This new and ongoing initiative aims to sustainably combat learning poverty and pave the way for them to have a brighter future ahead.

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