Help Daima And Her Family Live After A Fire!

Kampung Pinolobuh, Kota Belud Sabah

Imagine losing everything to a rural house fire, when you had almost nothing at all! This is reality for Puan Daima, her husband and five children in rural Kota Belud, Sabah. Residing in remote Kampung Pinoloboh, the family’s small house burnt down in April, resulting in them losing most of their material possessions and most importantly, proper shelter and the basic necessities to live daily.

Puan Daima is a hardworking elderly farmer who lives in Sabah’s rural, poverty-stricken community of Kampung Pinoloboh, Kota Belud with her 5 children, including two requiring special needs.

This “Hardcore Poor” family has been struggling every day due to the hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is only worsened by losing their house and belongings to a Huge House Fire a month ago. Daima, her husband, and children are now scraping to survive with Almost Nothing at all!


This Fire Happened in April 2022

Staying in a flimsy hut that shakes in Sabah's unpredictable harsh weather and strong winds. Puan Daima also earns less than RM100 a week.
Daima’s family has been living in a shaky, make-shift farming hut since the tragic incident, built by their helpful neighbours from the local community - although with no electricity, furniture, beds and basic home appliances. The unsafe and difficult living conditions have been taking a toll on Daima and her family, especially her children; her 12-year-old primary schooler daughter and two special needs sons, who require constant physical and medical care, are not getting by easily. Having to squeeze six people into the small, flimsy shack every day without basic needs has made their road to recovery much harder.

The family earns little to survive and is In Debt. Earning LESS than RM 100 a week from selling her groundnuts in her village, she is unsure if this money is able to pay for the High Costs of rebuilding the family’s life from the disaster.

The Materials For A Simple New House Are Expensive, And So Are The Basic Living Costs That Come With It
In early May, Hopes Malaysia urgently sought support from the public to rebuild the rural family’s home and life in the rural village. The kind contributions have helped the Sabah non-governmental organisation start construction work on Daima and her family’s new home, a hardy stilt house with enough space for all members, that is soon to be completed.

However, with the rising prices of building materials and skilled workmanship, the funds collected can only barely cover the cost of the structure. The materials for a simple new house are expensive, and so are the basic living costs that come with it. Daima’s family will still lack the basic life necessities that many take for granted. Once the wooden home structure is completed, Daima and her children will be able to leave their farming hut behind and move in with what few donated items they now have. Although they will have a sturdy roof over their heads, the family will not possess the basic furniture, utilities and simple appliances that people often take for granted. Not having these common items and connection to water and electricity for her family has worried the mother and farmer.


We Need Your Help To Urgently Help Daima And Her Children Have The Needs To Live Safely!

Even with so many hardships in life, Puan Daima continues to keep farming for her children and working hard to save for a new home and the High Living Costs that come with it. However, with the family’s current living conditions and livelihood, saving enough to cover the necessary costs may take months or years.

How much longer do they have to live dangerously, struggling each day without basic items for life?
Puan Daima and her family need your support to overcome the Trauma and Losses of the fire, to start a safer life together. We are urgently raising funds to cover the Important living costs for the family and help them rebuild their lives. All funds raised will help the family in much needed expenses including:

- Basic furniture and appliances (beds, tables, rice cooker, refrigerator, etc.)
- Costs for proper utility connections (water & electricity)
- Basic supplies and living needs to restart their lives