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Seeking Support

To Bring Sustainable Natural Water Supply To Sabah Rural Families

There are over 74 impoverished rural villages in Kota Belud, Sabah, home to 110,000 people.
Over 50% these rural communities grapple with water scarcity.
This deepens the cycle of poverty spanning generations.

These difficulties stem from:


Rural Geographical Challenges


Rural Population Growth Strains Water Supply


Absence of Public Water Access


Deteriorating Old Water Pipelines

Water Project Photo (73).JPG

The Impact of Rural Water Scarcity:


1. Inability to perform essential daily tasks, even drinking, resulting in long-term hardships, particularly for children and the elderly.


2. Inefficient agricultural activities, leading to families' food insecurity.

3. Reliance on unclean water sources, risking diseases.

4. Families have to travel to purchase bottled water, imposing additional financial burdens.

Hopes Malaysia Sustainably Brings Clean Water To Rural Families Since 2016

> We've have complete gravity water systems in over 15 villages within Kota Belud, Sabah, connecting upwards of 10,000 people.

> Our work has connected over 60 kilometers of HDPE pipelines, restoring and upgrading systems from water sources to central tanks.

> More than 2,000 rural villagers are able to progressively and sustainably improve their livelihoods.

Our Progressive Footprint Since 2016

We are actively involved in over 30 projects across Kota Belud, Sabah. Our work encompasses gravity water supply projects, sustainable farming initiatives, and the restoration of suspension bridges to benefit communities and schools.

Make An Impact Today

Our humble team aims to extend our impact to more local rural communities, especially to suffering villages who approach us for water supply assistance. Our primary obstacle lies in funding to support personnel for site assessments, community engagement, solution development, material procurement, project supervision, and post-project assistance.

Stable water access is vital for improving rural livelihoods. Hopes Malaysia has extensive expertise in gravity water projects, understanding the significance of sustainable clean water for families. 

These water connections support more than just crucial everyday needs, they open opportunities for vegetable cultivation and fish farming, enhancing life sustainability.

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