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Seeking Support

To Sustainably Empower Sabah's Rural Families With Food Security To Reduce Poverty. 


There are more than 74 impoverished rural villages in Kota Belud, Sabah, home to 110,000 people. 
Over 75% of these families suffer from unstable wages, earning an average of just RM 470 monthly.
This leads to increasing food insecurity and unaffordable living, worsening generational rural poverty.

These difficulties stem from:


Poor Accessibility from Geographical Isolation 


Unsustainable Traditional Agricultural


Resource and Education Constraints


Limited Economic Opportunities

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The Impact of Rural Food Insecurity:

1. Inaccessibility to diverse food can lead to malnutrition, hampering health and growth, especially in children. This increases the need for medical care, raising costs and straining families' finances.

2. Families are forced to travel to distant towns for food, increasing everyday living expenses. Inflation and ongoing daily expenditures worsen families' cycle of poverty.


3. Families lack resources to diversify income, relying on poorly earning economic activities.

4. Families increasingly rely on social support systems like government and NGO aid, which is highly unsustainable in the long-term.

Solving Rural Hunger and Poverty With Hopes Malaysia

From initially securing a consistent natural water supply for Sabah's rural villages, we address the fundamental needs of survival and elevate living conditions by empowering families in sustainable farming for improved fresh food access (food self-sufficiency) and household economics.

We equip and kickstart new families with essential farming skills, knowledge and materials via our community workshops, also supplying excelling farmers with further materials for farm expansion and fish fry for aquaculture.

Our project staff monitor the farmers' progress to ensure lasting, sustainable impact for all families. 

The Summary of Our Initiatives In Farming Project

Our Progressive Footprint Since 2016

We are actively involved in over 30 projects across Kota Belud, Sabah. Our work encompasses gravity water supply projects, sustainable farming initiatives, and the restoration of suspension bridges to benefit communities and schools.

Make An Impact Today

Our humble team aims to extend our impact to more local rural communities, especially to suffering villages who approach us for water supply and farming assistance. Our primary obstacle lies in funding to support personnel for site assessments, community engagement, solution development, material procurement, project supervision, and post-project assistance.

Stable water access and food self sufficiency is vital for improving rural livelihoods sustainably. Hopes Malaysia has extensive expertise in gravity water and farming projects, understanding the significance of sustainable clean water and food self-sufficiency for families. 

These water connections support more than just crucial everyday needs, they open opportunities for vegetable cultivation and fish farming, enhancing life sustainability.

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