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Ikan Jinak Kampung Melangkap Tiong 
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What To Expect

Located around 1 hour and 30 minutes away from KK City. A perfect place for a short family getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the nature! This tourism spot is managed by the local villagers, maintained well to preserve the beautiful nature for future generations to come. A natural fish spa filled with over 100 Riverine Cyprinid fishes, known as "Ikan Jinak" by the local community. You can try to feed the big but friendly fishes and enjoy a refreshing swim in the river, perfect for hot days!


Don't feel like swimming? Worry not, because there are also a sequence of fruitful activities await for you, such as jungle trekking, hiking, campingand more family activities! Check out below for more information. 

Ticket Price & Public Amenities (*price list last updated on: 13/02/2023)

Ticket Price: 

Adult (13 years old & above) = RM3 / person 

Children (7 to 12 years old) = RM1 / person 

Non-Malaysian Citizens = RM7 / person

Fish Food Prices:

Small Pack = RM1 / pack

Big Pack = RM4 & RM5 / pack

Public Amenities:

Toilet & Shower Room

Open Space Parking

Rent Extra Amenities


Canopy 20x20 = RM50 

Canopy 10x10 = RM10

Tent 4 Pack = RM10

Tent 6 Pack = RM15


Big Hall = RM150 / day

Small Hall = RM 100 / day 


Pondok with flooring (No.2 & No.5) = RM15 / day , RM30 / overnight

Open air pondok with blue zinc (No.6) = RM20 / day , RM40 / overnight

Orange Bamboo Pondok (No.7) = RM25 / day , RM50 / overnight 

BBQ Pit: 

1 leg BBQ pit = RM3

2 legs BBQ pit = RM6

BBQ drum = RM10 


Mat = RM5

Mattress = RM10 

Safety Jacket = RM5

Things To Note 

Hopes Malaysia only acts as a platform to promote and create awareness for the local attractions, with an aim to improve their economy sustainably without taking any incentives or commissions from the communities. For information regarding any activities, promotions, or safety related matters, please contact the person in charge of the attraction site for more precise information. Thank you and have a nice trip! 


KG. Melangkap Tiong, WDT 62, 89158 Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia

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