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Project Milestone
Kampung Tudan Mushroom Cultivation Project 2018

01. Project Type
02. Facilities Size
03. Project Phase

: Agriculture (Mushroom)
: 4,800 sqft
: Second phase

04. Project Focus
05. Build Duration

06. Project Duration

: Socio-economy
: 8 months
: Up to date

Corporate Review

“We strongly believe that the changes we make has to lead to long lasting impact.” – Mah Sing Foundation

In this project which we are involved in, we are uplifting the rural community’s livelihood by providing basic infrastructure that will help diversify villagers’ income sources and be economically independent; while educating rural communities about being environmentally conscious about the impacts of their daily economic activities.

Although, this time round we have yet to have any build experience in Sabah, we look forward to that in our next project with HOPES. Our company is open to corporate social responsibility activities which are in-line with Mah Sing Foundation’s objectives and core value.

Moving forward, Mah Sing Foundation will be launching its flagship programmes, the Community+ and School+ projects which are aimed at reaching out to underprivileged families and students.

This year marks the 13th year of the establishment of Mah Sing Foundation, and we have been involved in many CSR projects, mainly focusing on initiatives that are aligned with Education, Health and Wellbeing, as well as Community Development. Education is being emphasized as Mah Sing Foundation believes that education is the right of every child and empowering children with knowledge and lifelong learning will present them limitless opportunities in the world.

For us, the key factors which differentiate HOPES project and other projects are the diversification of the villagers’ income sources through mushroom cultivation project and enabling them to be economically independent.

The reason we choose to work with HOPES to advocate for sustainable community development / sustainable community service is because we strongly believe that the changes we make has to lead to long lasting impact.