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farmer with harvest in front of the farm

Enhancing Sustainability Through Local Vegetables Procurement

Shop For A Cause

With every purchase made, you are not only treating yourself to fresh and high-quality produce, but you are also making a significant impact on the lives of these families and their communities in Kadamaian, Kota Belud.

Each purchase you make from these hardworking families goes beyond just enjoying delicious and nutritious food. It serves as a lifeline, enabling them to sustain and support their families in the long run.


Your support actively contributes to the overall sustainability and well-being of the rural families. By strengthening their economic stability, you help create a ripple effect of positive change. These communities become more resilient, fostering a thriving environment for generations to come.

Together, let's embrace the power of community and make a difference one purchase at a time. Join us in supporting local rural families, and experience the joy of not only enjoying the freshest produce but also shaping a brighter future for the families to sustainably break the cycle of poverty

farmer harvesting crops

Farmed With Love

All produce are locally grown and sourced by the rural families, ensuring you with the best quality and freshness! 

farmer with her harvest

Pesticide Free

No artificial chemicals or genetically modified organisms used throughout the process, allowing you to enjoy it worry-free!

farmer with her children & their farm filled with blooming and organic vegetables

Improve Rural Income

Every purchase made will directly contribute to the rural families to sustain in the long-term.

Sustainable Community Empowerment Project Impact

About Us

Hopes Malaysia has been working to empower and uplift rural Sabah communities since 2016 via sustainable community development projects. With over 6 years of experience in the area, our CSO has made a meaningful difference in the lives of more than 10,000 in rural communities from over 12 villages in Kota Belud, Sabah. From basic needs to sustainable living, all aiming to break the cycle of poverty.

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