Rural Backyard Poultry (Chicken)

Rural Backyard Poultry (Chicken)

Chicken Rearing To Improve Protein Diet In The Rural Community:
Rearing chickens (anak ayam) allows our farming families to have more variety of protein in the form of eggs and meat (telur / daging). The rural community severely lacks protein in their diets, which affects farmers’ health and children’s development.

One egg contains 7g of high-quality protein, along with other essential minerals and vitamins for good health, while chickens are even richer in these. Farmers can easily rear chickens in nearby barns for self-consumption, with the extra eggs and meat sold within their community. The cost of eating proper protein is lowered and is easily accessible anytime. This improves their diets / protein intake, and also increases their household income and enables food security in the long-term.

Item included for this cause are:
1) Chicks
2) Feed
3) Material to build chicken coop


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