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Founder of Hopes Malaysia

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Here's who I am & what I do

I'm a Sabahan currently in my early 30s, with a UMS bachelor's degree of Entrepreneurship. This will be the 6th year of my sociopreneurship journey! I’ve always been passionate about rural development, driven to make a change for the underprivileged in Sabah.

Back in 2016, I managed to partner with my friend Khay Inn to form Hopes Malaysia. However, the journey as an NGO wasn’t easy, we had to do lots of research and learn the basics from zero! 

Throughout the process, we learnt that ‘sustainability’ is what the vulnerable communities needed to improve life practically in a long-term manner. Hence, our ultimate goal to carrying out sustainable work starts from fulfilling their basic needs, to solving rural food insecurity and sustainably break the cycle of poverty!

As a practical strategist, understanding the beneficiaries’ needs is a must for all long-term community projects. We spent years to connect with the community to ensure that we truly understand their needs. Being able to witness the successful results of our projects made me realise that this is what I always wanted and will never stop doing!

// Portfolio Since 2016


More than 10,000 Kota Belud villagers have access to clean water supply


Over 100 families have participated in
our small scale farming project.


Over 30 Kilometers of piping connected to houses and farms.


Our womenpreneurs (farmers) generated RM 7,000 - RM 8,000 of income monthly via our stall .


ROS No. PPM-004-12-23112016


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