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Project Milestone
2017 July
Kampung Tudan 2KM Gravity Water Project
Hopes Malaysia's flagship project, restore clean water supply to over 200 villagers was supported by 8 local corporate partners that has come from different industries, including property developer, hotel industry, tourism industry, engineering and construction. This project successfully solved villager's long due water crisis that caused by geographical landscape, deforestation and earthquake debris.

In July 2017, Hopes Malaysia has led more than 200 volunteers from multiple local NGOs to build a water system which consists of, a water catchment, 2km of piping and a new water tank base within 3 week time.
2018 March
Kampung Takulung 3.5KM Gravity Water Project
Hopes Malaysia successfully restored 3.5KM of water supply at Kampung Takulung by building a new and sustainable gravity water system for the village in March 2018. For more than a year the villagers had water supply problem due to worn-out and leaking pipes (low quality pipelines) which were buried underground.

In March 2018, Hopes Malaysia has led more than 100 volunteers from multiple local NGOs and corporate volunteers to build a water system which consists of 3.5KM of piping, 4 unit of new water tanks & new water tank base within 3 week time.
2018 September
2018 September
In 2017, Kampung Tudan’s Water Project to restored the clean water supply to over 200 villagers

In 2018, with new water system in place, we decided to further our development on phase 2. We decided on restarting mushroom cultivation in order to generate funds for upgrading the village’s infrastructure – bridge building and road building. Therefore, we prolong our partnership with Kampung Tudan with a community project like none seen before – Kampung Tudan Mushroom Cultivation Project.
The mushroom cultivation facility covers a built up area of 4,000 sq. ft.The cultivated mushroom will be supplied to the wider market in Sabah. Apart from alleviating the villagers from poverty.

The gradual income and profits will also be used to assist the other villagers to diversify into other projects and eventually reduce the dependency on corporate donors and NGOs assistance – a truly sustainable achievement.
Kampung Tudan Mushroom Cultivation Project
2019 June
Mega Scale Gravity Water Project 2019 - We are extending our footprint to more remote areas which will benefit over 3,000 villagers in 5 villages to fulfill community's basic needs. Majority of their existing gravity water systems were installed in the late 1970’s made of pvc and metal pipes. Most of the pipes are in poor states and in need to be rebuilt or restored.  Therefore we are hoping to upgrade, rebuild and fix the gravity water system for these people.
Upon the success of the 2019 mega scale water gravity project , this effort will continue to open up more opportunity in other part of community development such as sustainable farming project and education project that focus addressing the next level of community needs.
Mega Scale Gravity Water Project
2019 July
Kampung Kaung Fair Trading Program

Our second social economic program following the mushroom cultivation 2018. This program focuses on the improvement of socio-economic conditions for the rural community via creating fairer trading ground to improve their standard of living.

This program benefits over 50 families in 2 villages which produce almost 3,000 kg (per month) of produce to be delivered to Kota Kinabalu city area. We hope that with the continuous support and partnership with various vendors we are able to sustain and further expand this program in the rural community.

Throughout this journey we will work hand in hand with the farmers to ensure that they are able to meet the demands of the city f&b outlets and to manage their farms in a more sustainable way.

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