Tamu Kita is a local social enterprise platform by Hopes Malaysia (NGO) -

Tamu Kita aligns with NGO’s vision to help the local underprivileged communities economically. This is achieved through the support of sustainable rural community development via small scale farming projects.


Our community farming projects always encourage farm diversity and quality improvement of local farm produce to ensure healthier and safer foods for our consumers. Through Tamu Kita, we are able to promote and distribute our villagers’ hard work to the Kota Kinabalu public.

By supporting local produce/foods, you are not only aiding the local economy, but also increasing the rural villagers’ source of income. Your contributions will allow them to improve their standard of living and build a self-sustaining lifestyle for their future generations, gradually overcome poverty issues. We hope to eventually break the cycle of poverty, but we cannot do it without you.