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Specialize in Vermicomposting

Founded in 2016, we are Hopes Malaysia, a local Sabah non-governmental organisation that focuses on improving the lives of the rural community through sustainable community development. We place much importance on sustainable community farming, and have continued to expand this for our villagers throughout the years – improving their standard of living.

In 2020, we created the social enterprise “Tamu Kita”, which assists the local farmers in selling their harvested produce via weekly deliveries to customers in Kota Kinabalu. Tamu Kita has since uplifted our farming families and provided food aid to care centres / needy family, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We here at Tamu Kita also specialise in vermicomposting as it not only improves our sustainable community farming, but also reduces household food waste.

Through this natural process, our farmers have made their own fertiliser, and benefited from upgraded soil quality, improved yields, and being able to grow healthier food for their families. Vermicomposting has improved their livelihoods. With our experience and worm farm, we are now bringing this 100% natural plant food to customers all over Malaysia. Reducing waste while growing better plants and a greener, sustainable community.

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Our Products


Worm (ANC) and worm bedding


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Nutrient-rich organic Vermicompost


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[Combo set] = Worm (ANC) + Worm bedding + Vermicompost



Worm bedding for vermiculture


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