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Rural Challenges -1

Rural communities in Sabah are facing a crisis, with families barely surviving without the basic life need of clean water. This is a common issue in the over 74 remote poverty-stricken villages of Kota Belud, as most of these villagers are cut-off from the public water supply. Underprivileged families find it a challenge to live each day without enough water for themselves, especially their many children.

Only relying on unsustainable streams, broken piping or rain harvesting for little water, this life-threatening issue causes isolated families to lack proper water supply for their daily activities at home and on their farms, making rural life much more challenging than it already is.

Challenges on their Livelihoods

Results With Hopes Malaysia’s Gravity Water Systems

What we can do - 1
  • Over 50 kilometres or piping connects our natural gravity water systems to remote rural families and villages.

  • To ensure lasting sustainable impact, we always thoroughly assess a village’s water supply issue and plan with the villagers for the most efficient solution.

  • The villagers are empowered with means to connect and maintain the system for long-term ownership over their efforts and assets.

  • The systems 100% rely on gravity force, bringing proven results as due to low maintenance but high resistance in the long-run.

  • Families utilise this free unlimited water supply for their daily home needs, crop and fish farming. Improving their livelihoods through sustainable living.

What You Can Do To Help?

Hopes Malaysia founder with the village beneficiaries at water tank

Clean water is a basic human need for everyone. With your donations, we shall continuously extend our work to more underprivileged families across the 74 poverty-stricken villages in Kota Belud. Having access to clean and safe water for rural families means a lot: it eases their lives and helps them farm for food security.

Materials cost as well as the cost to build water catchments, polypipes and accessories also require essential funds while empowering the rural villagers.

Placing an immediate one-time or recurring donation will bring much-needed impact to those who need it the most. We need your support to not only connect families with clean water, but to connect them for a better future.

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About Us

Hopes Malaysia has been working to empower and uplift rural Sabah communities since 2016 via sustainable community development projects. With over 6 years of experience in the area, our CSO has made a meaningful difference in the lives of more than 10,000 in rural communities from over 12 villages in Kota Belud, Sabah. From basic needs to sustainable living, all aiming to break the cycle of poverty.

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